Did nobody notice that Bethany and Claudia basically stole HeyKayli’s ideas in there Easter Treat videos?

Q: where are u from


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Q: i do have sensitive skin but it has a sensitive brush that came with it :(

idk ask someone that knows

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Q: please help. have you heard anything of the clarisonic mia? i bought it and i saw alot of good and bad reviews but im scared of getting more acne because i already have alot of acne and its said to cause more... please help.

I’ve heard of them and I’ve always wanted one but they don’t really sell them around here and they’re quite expensive for what they are. That’s weird though cause I’ve only hear great reviews! Do you have sensitive skin maybe?

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Q: Prom looks please :)? Love you xox

sure thing! thanks!!

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sometimes I just laugh at outfits other guru style blogs make.